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Consumers are plugged in already. We are in front of our computers on our cell phones and hand held devices. We fast forward TV to avoid the commercials, scan the bloglines for the most interesting news story and use abbreviations to communicate with friends and family on social networking sites. More and more people are using the Internet because it is fast, easy and convenient.

Pin-point your customers

Our portfolio is comprised of premium name domains. Taking advantage of natural "type-in" traffic from the search engines and combining that with expert search optimization skills, our sites dominate the search engines for Long Island related terms. Our sites are content driven, appeal to a variety of interests and attract a constantly growing number of local visitors.

Local Long Island Sites

Long Island Media has achieved top search engine ranking for Long Island related terms. Our sites rank among the highest, if not the #1 position for numerous keyword terms. We understand search engine optimzation techniques, understand how people search and are experts at achieving high ranking in the search engines. By advertising with us, you automatically improve the odds of customers finding your business online.

Top Google Placement

Long Island Media provides the opportunity for businesses to connect with a local audience. Consumers buy goods and services from businesses that they know and trust. Advertising on the Long Island Media network connects your business with local customers. These consumers are searching for your products and services. You need to be advertising where they can find you.

Reach Long Islanders

The key to successful advertising

Geo-targeted traffic is the key to successful marketing, especially for neighborhood businesses advertising on the web. You want to sell your products and services to the people most likely to buy your products and services. Pin-pointing your customers gets your advertising message right in front of them. With the right audience, the right message and Long Island Media your success is guaranteed!

Our vertical markets:

  • Real Estate Advertising
  • Restaurants & Catering Halls
  • Wedding Services
  • Home Improvement Advertising
  • Moving & Storage Advertising
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Community Focused Advertising
  • Transportation
  • Tours & Wineries